Repairing a v5 Upgrade

v5 uses an entirely new file system for managing maps and folders. The previous file system should be automatically upgraded the first time v5 is launched. However, there can be 'glitches'. It might be there is insufficient memory/disk space or the battery might die during upgrade or there might be a bug. In an attempt to mitigate this, the existing maps are first moved into a 'safe place' prior to the update. This article describes how to recover those maps from the 'safe place' in the event of an update issue.

  • Ensure your iPad has plenty of free disk space (the recovery process makes a copy of each of your maps and so will need twice as much space as your maps currently use.)
  • Reboot your iPad (this will free up memory)
  • Open iThoughts then goto the System Settings under the gear toolbar button.
  • Scroll to the bottom an enable 'Restore pre-v5 maps'
  • Press the home button (to quit iThoughts)
  • Double press the home button then swipe the iThoughts window upwards (to kill the app)
  • Relaunch iThoughts
  • It should restore your maps into a folder called 'Restored [date/time]' - you can then rename this as appropriate (see here)


Apologies for the inconvenience (and stress!)