If you're reading this then you're probably pretty hacked off. For that - I apologise - it was never my intention. If you'd like to 'get my side' of the argument then read on...


  • In November 2008 (6 years ago) I released iThoughts (for iPhone.) 
  • In May 2010 (4 years ago) I released iThoughtsHD (for iPad.)


NB: The above apps have had over 60 updates during that period. That's almost 1 update per month for 6 years. Every one has been FREE (if you ignore my brief experiment with InApp purchase a couple of years ago.)


Fast forward to May 2014 (6 months ago) when I released a new app - also called iThoughts - to replace the original 2 apps. Because this new app is a new app, it's also a new purchase. This is not great - people do not expect the 'pay again' for the same app - which is why you're hacked off and I'm writing this...


Why a new app - why not simply update the original apps.

Two main reasons for this.

  • I wanted to spring clean the app (i.e. remove features) I couldn't do this to the original apps as people may have purchased the app originally for those features.
  • I wanted to merge the apps into a single 'universal app' (iPad and iPhone) and it's not possible to merge two existing apps on the AppStore.


Why not charge a