Blank Window Issue

There is a bug (somewhere in the Windows graphics system) that can sometimes render some application windows as blank. See below for an example of a blank iThoughts window!


This is due to an interoperability issue between .NET and the graphics driver. It sometimes happens out the blue after a Windows update. 

The fix is to update your graphics drivers to the latest version - which have hopefully been updated to support the latest version of Windows.

Sadly, not all graphics drivers are updated - in which case you should read on...


If updating your graphics drivers does not fix the issue then there is a 'last resort' setting you can apply in iThoughts. This will disable hardware acceleration for the app - which may make it run a little slower. To enable the setting you need to do the following:

  • Right click on the Windows Start button and choose 'Run'
  • Enter 'regedit' (without the quotes) into the text field and hit return.
  • This will pop all sorts of alerts with dire warnings about how messing with the registry can damage your system (just ok them!)
  • Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\com.toketaware\ithoughts folder (see screenshot below)
  • Create a new string entry (Edit -> New -> String Value menu option)
  • Name it 'disableHardwareAcceleration' (no quotes and case sensitive) and set its value to 1
  • iThoughts should now run ok.
  • If/when you get updated drivers, you can set this value to 0

click to enlarge

Please note, this will slow the app down a little - especially when 'panning' around the map. It will still be usable - but you should keep checking for graphics driver updates and strive to re-enable the hardware acceleration as soon as possible.