iThoughts can import many of the most popular desktop mind map file formats.

The tricky part (on iOS) is getting the map onto your iOS device in the first place. The following methods will work:

  • Email the map to yourself then tap on the attachment and choose 'Copy To [iThoughts]'
  • Copy the map into the cloud (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive etc.) then use the corresponding app to download the map and then use the Open/Share option in the app to send it to iThoughts.


On Windows/Mac it is a simple matter of File -> Open


iThoughts can export in many different file formats. Click/tap on the Share toolbar button and then choose the method (email, upload etc) and file format to export.

Points to note when exporting:

  • You can choose to export either the map as a whole or the selected branch.