Style for new maps

This is the style that is applied to all new maps. You can then edit that style within the map or apply a new style.


Keyboard Shortcut Mode

RETURN -> End Edit = RETURN will finish editing a topic's text.

RETURN -> New Topic = RETURN will finish editing a topic's text and immediately create a new sibling topic

Triple RETURN -> New Topic = the same behaviour as the iOS version where hitting RETURN 3x in quick succession will finish editing a topic's text and immediately create a new sibling topic


Notes window placement

Specifies where the notes window will be placed for new maps (top, bottom, left or right.) This can be overridden in the map itself.


Notes open initially

By default, new maps will have the notes window slightly open - to help new users discover the feature.


Include email outline

Whether or not to include a textual outline of the map in the email body when sharing a map via email.


Hide toolbar when fullscreen

As title - whether or not to display the toolbar in full screen mode!


Should open untitled file

The app can automatically create a new map each time it is launched or the icon is clicked in the dock.


Canvas pan immediate

If enabled, clicking and dragging the canvas will pan around the map. If not enabled, clicking and dragging the canvas will create a selection box. Clicking and holding for half a second will always result in a pan operation.



Reload map when overwritten

If the map (itmz file) is overwritten by another app (e.g. Dropbox) whilst it is already open in iThoughts, then it will reload that map off disk automatically. It will also create a snapshot version if the map has been modified within iThoughts.


Generate Markdown Preview

Generates a Markdown preview within the .itmz file (a little like the image preview used by Finder to look inside the map.) This can be used by other apps to provide a live Markdown/Outline view of the map - see here.



This is the 'system wide' list of resources. This list is only used to assist with 'type ahead' when entering resource names in the Task picker window.


License (non AppStore version)

The email address and license code - see here.