The latest Windows version of iThoughts is v5.18

Please quit iThoughts then click here to download and install this update.

NB: This update requires a later version of .NET - so you may need to get the latest update from Microsoft

v5.18 (21 Jun 2019) includes:

  • Custom topic numbering

PS: This version uses a new EV signing certificate - if your AV software starts complaining, let me know.

Previous Releases

v5.17 (3 Jun 2019) includes:

  • Fixed stupid bug in latest release (light grey text when using transparent canvas)

v5.16 (2 Jun 2019) includes:

  • 2 new layout options

  • Custom link line colors

  • Grouping

  • Fixed crash bug when switching away from notes window

  • Click on notes icon to open notes window

  • New system style (Monarch)

v5.15 (7 Mar 2019) includes:

  • Fixes for Compact mode

  • Fonts sorted alphabetically

v5.14 (27 Feb 2019) includes:

  • Improved Compact mode

  • Custom Styles sorted alphabetically

  • Option to disable background save

v5.13 (27 Feb 2019) - we don’t talk about this release…

v5.12 (29 Oct 2018) includes:

  • Hand Drawn Effect Maps

  • Balanced Maps

  • 5 New Canvas Patterns

  • 3 New System Styles

v5.11 (23 Sep 2018) includes:

  • Custom canvas background patterns - see here

v5.10 (11 July 2018) includes:

  • Printing support (including print to PDF where supported)

  • Plus some fixes:

    • Dashed relationship now drawn correctly

    • More robust import logicv5.9 (6 June 2018) includes:

  • Outline View

  • Plus some fixes:

    • Navigation using the cursor keys sometimes skipped a topic

    • Issue with folding/unfolding topics and pasting

    • Copy/Paste text from MS Word (sometimes spaces would be 'lost')

    • Added hack option to disable HW acceleration

    • Scrolling issue in search box

v5.8 (26 Apr 2018) includes

  • Emergency fix for 5.7 :-(


v5.7 (26 Apr 2018) includes

  • Fixed issue where attachments could be deleted - sorry!

  • F4 will now toggle the notes view open/close.

  • Copy to clipboard will place text in clockwise order.


v5.6 (16 Apr 2018) includes

  • Option to show ancestors in Focus Mode (good for presentations)


v5.5 (13 Mar 2018) includes

  • Priority Not Set menu option

  • When CMD->RIGHT to move a topic, add it to the bottom of the topic above rather than the top of the topic below

  • Increased the limit on cost

  • Fixed bug when exporting emoji in MindManager notes

  • Compact layout and no shape fix

  • Issue when opening a map that is already open

  • Newline bug in ITMZ files (not stripping \r)


v5.4 (18 Feb 2018) includes

  • 6 new topic shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Parallelogram, Diamond, Pill)


v5.0 (28 Dec 2017) includes

  • Encrypted, password protected maps (NB: the massive version jump is purely administrative and aligns it with the iOS and OSX versions)


v2.9 (8 Sept 2017) includes

  • Mindmeister and Simplemind file imports

  • Focus Lock

  • The usual slew of fixes


v2.8 (23 July 2017) includes

  • Translated into 10 more languages


v2.7 (29 June 2017) includes

  • Preference to load last map at startup

  • Preference to display full path in title bar


v2.6 (19 June 2017) includes

  • Spell Check Support (when editing text)

  • Compressed layout option

  • Cost field in task settings


v2.5 (12 May 2017) includes

  • Quick Find (hit CTRL+F)


v2.4 (3 May 2017) includes

  • Export as Flash Cards (see here)

  • Fixed issue opening really long URLs


v2.3 (27 Apr 2017) includes

  • Presentation Mode - see here

  • Freeplane/Freemind Export

  • TextPack Export

  • Auto Zoom (with animation)

  • Show/Hide Status and Toolbar

  • Better integration with Marked on OSX


v2.2 (7 Apr 2017) includes

  • Topic Hugging

  • Per level Style setting for text/image width

  • CMD arrow can now move the selected topic up/down the hierarchy

  • Task improvements

    • Remaining calculation (based on progress)

    • Default unit (hour, day etc) for effort now a preference

    • Rollup effort/progress set automatically on parent when effort/progress set on child

    • Keyboard shortcut for Priority (CMD 1-5) now toggles the Priority

  • CTRL-A when filter applied will select only those filtered topics

  • Crash in File Save dialog (with network based My Documents folders)

  • Crash when setting Sort Rules

  • Crash with really long urls

  • Issue with Styles applying to level 10 and greater

  • Numeric keypad doesn't work for show levels

  • Fixed OPML export to work with scrivener

  • TAB to add a new topic to a collapsed topic doesn't expand it


v2.1 (2 Mar 2017) includes:

  • Fixed crash when exporting to Word (sorry!)


v2.0 (27 Feb 2017) includes:

  • First public release of iThoughts for Windows :-)


v1.14 (11 Feb 2017) includes:

  • Last minute tweak to store window position on the local machine rather than in the ITMZ file (meaning it is persisted even when the map itself is not modified.)


v1.13 (11 Feb 2017) includes:

  • Copy to Email List option (extracts emails from topics ready to paste into Mail)

  • Maps now opened in new windows by default (can be changed in Settings)

  • Fixed some issues with non ASCII filenames

  • Saved state indication in title bar (*)

  • Restore window placement. This is stored in the ITMZ file, so only gets saved when the rest of the map is saved.

  • Links to local files (and topics) now work.


v1.12 (2 Feb 2017) includes:

  • PowerPoint Export option

  • Access to Style library (with style import option)

  • Copy As support

    • Image

    • Link

    • Markdown

  • First pass at topic linking (more to do!)

  • Fixed issue with Dropbox conflicts

  • Fixed issue caching Style thumbnails

  • Stop same document being opened twice


v1.11 (26 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Fixed crash when saving imported text file.

  • MindGenius6 Import (.mgmx)

  • Scapple Import (.scap)

  • Include image preview in itmz file (for MacOS QuickLook Finder integration)


v1.10 (24 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Mindmanager format export (can be opened by many/most 3rd party mindmap apps)

  • Suggest filename based on root topic when saving

  • Newline continues bullet points when editing text

  • Loads of minor bug fixes


v1.9 (19 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Improved HTML import (drag/drop from Edge, Chrome etc)

  • Improved MS Word export (include inline links and formatting)

  • Slightly smaller and crispier toolbar buttons

  • Moved topic color picker from sidebar into toolbar (so people can find it!)


v1.8 (16 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Inline topic links now clickable (with tooltip)

  • Fixed bug where maps created with earlier beta versions would crash on open (sorry!)


v1.7 (13 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Better support for embedded documents in notes

  • Better support for Copy/Paste/Drag/Drop from Edge, Chrome and Firefox

  • Fixed issue where topics were getting reordered and positioned when syncing with iOS/OSX

  • First pass at 'font mapping' (eg. Chalkboard on Mac is mapped to Comic Sans on Windows)


v1.6 (5 Jan 2017) includes:

  • OPML export

  • Markdown export (including ZIP packaging of attachments)

  • Draw links correctly to central topic without shape

  • Fixed scroll zoom direction

  • Fixed crash when root topic positioned below another


v1.5 (30 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Import

    • XMind

    • OPML

    • CMAP

    • iMindmap

    • Novamind5

    • Plain text

  • Word .docx export - bullets, headers and tables.


v1.4 (18 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Mindmanager import (mmap files)

  • Auto save (off by default - see Settings)

  • Copy places indented text on clipboard

  • Lots of mouse/scroll/click related tweaks and fixes


v1.3 (15 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Save/restore zoom level, scroll position and selection state

  • Reload map if modified externally (iCloud, Dropbox etc)

  • Welcome map + EULA etc.

  • Various minor bugs


v1.2 (13 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Freemind import

  • Various bug fixes


v1.1 (9 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Hide completed

  • Focus on Selected

  • Strike through completed

  • Quick Filter