There is a new Windows version of iThoughts available (v1.10)

Please quit iThoughts then click here to download and install the update.

This version (24 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Mindmanager format export (can be opened by many/most 3rd party mindmap apps)
  • Suggest filename based on root topic when saving
  • Newline continues bullet points when editing text
  • Loads of minor bug fixes

Previous Releases

v1.9 (19 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Improved HTML import (drag/drop from Edge, Chrome etc)
  • Improved MS Word export (include inline links and formatting)
  • Slightly smaller and crispier toolbar buttons
  • Moved topic color picker from sidebar into toolbar (so people can find it!)


v1.8 (16 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Inline topic links now clickable (with tooltip)
  • Fixed bug where maps created with earlier beta versions would crash on open (sorry!)


v1.7 (13 Jan 2017) includes:

  • Better support for embedded documents in notes
  • Better support for Copy/Paste/Drag/Drop from Edge, Chrome and Firefox
  • Fixed issue where topics were getting reordered and positioned when syncing with iOS/OSX
  • First pass at 'font mapping' (eg. Chalkboard on Mac is mapped to Comic Sans on Windows)


v1.6 (5 Jan 2017) includes:

  • OPML export
  • Markdown export (including ZIP packaging of attachments)
  • Draw links correctly to central topic without shape
  • Fixed scroll zoom direction
  • Fixed crash when root topic positioned below another


v1.5 (30 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Import
    • XMind
    • OPML
    • CMAP
    • iMindmap
    • Novamind5
    • Plain text
  • Word .docx export - bullets, headers and tables.


v1.4 (18 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Mindmanager import (mmap files)
  • Auto save (off by default - see Settings)
  • Copy places indented text on clipboard
  • Lots of mouse/scroll/click related tweaks and fixes


v1.3 (15 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Save/restore zoom level, scroll position and selection state
  • Reload map if modified externally (iCloud, Dropbox etc)
  • Welcome map + EULA etc.
  • Various minor bugs


v1.2 (13 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Freemind import
  • Various bug fixes


v1.1 (9 Dec 2016) includes:

  • Hide completed
  • Focus on Selected
  • Strike through completed
  • Quick Filter